New Rates for 2018

FY 2018 Water and Sewer Budget Approved by District Commissioners  

During a regularly scheduled meeting on 11/9/17, the Birch Bay Water & Sewer Commissioners voted to approve 
the proposed fiscal year 2018 (FY18) budget.  District Finance Director Sandi McMillan said “next year’s budget 
provides our growing District with a ten year planned Capital Improvement Program and a small increase in 
operating expenses”.  The Commissioners approved the $5.9 million budget which includes an operating expense 
budget of $3.5 million, capital projects of $1.9 million and scheduled debt payments of $524,000.   


Some of the planned major capital projects include:  
 Water meter upgrade project to install automated water meters that will allow District Water Department staff to 
more efficiently read meters and alert customers to leaks.  This project will occur over five to seven years and cost 
approximately $2 million in total.  The District has budgeted $500,000 in FY18 to begin this work.   
 Infrastructure improvements include approximately 3,000 feet of water main throughout the District. This work is 
ongoing capital replacement projects and in specific areas such as Holeman Avenue and separately in an area of 
Shintaffer Road. The estimated water main replacements will be approximately $300,000.  
 The Wastewater Treatment Plant will receive a replacement ultra violet (UV) disinfection system to meet the 
continuous monitoring requirements in the Environmental Protection Agency National Pollutant Discharge 
Elimination System permit.  The cost to replace the UV system is budgeted at $350,000. 


Dan Eisses, General Manager of the District said “the District employs thirteen staff and continues to meet or exceed 
all regulatory water and sewer compliance.  The Commissioners and staff are what make this District run 


The rate increase for 2018 is recommended to be 4%,  The Commissioners will vote on that at the next meeting on 
12/14/2017.  If passed, the basic portion of the residential water and sewer bi-monthly bill will increase from $68.10 
to $70.80.