Rate change in 2017

At the Board meeting on 12/22/2016, the Board of Commissioners approved a rate increase of approximately 3.77% on basic charges (Resolution 747).  The new rates for customers in the service area:

Basic Water  $29.60 (Includes 400 cf of water and $8.00 meter handling/billing charge)
Basic Sewer $38.50
Total bill        $68.10

Usage above 400 cf of water is charged additional water and sewer rates (please see website).  Customers outside of the service area are also charged increased rates (available on the website).  

Special purpose water and wastewater districts are not legally mandated by the state to formally adopt a budget. District Commissioners have chosen to adopt an annual budget to serve as a financial plan and a budgetary control for District expenses. Budget proceedings take place during regularly scheduled commissioner meetings which are open to the public.  After review and public input, a final budget is adopted by the Board.  

Long ago, the District adopted financial management policies to promote financial health and stability over time. Two strong commitments set forth in the policies are a fair, balanced rate structure that supports the cost to provide water and wastewater service, and a commitment to establish an integrated capital improvement program.  The District does not receive any tax revenue and therefore relies solely on the water and wastewater service revenues received from the ratepayers and General Facility Connection Charges (GFCs).  

These financial management policies also established levels for operating, capital and rate stabilization reserves for the utility. The District maintains an operating reserve equal to at least 37 days of annual operating expenses for the utility. The capital reserve for the utility is maintained at 1% of original capital assets’ value.  The District maintains a Rate Stabilization fund equal to 10% of operating revenues to mitigate the need to have large rate increases from year to year.

“It’s our responsibility to provide the highest quality service for water & wastewater at a fair and competitive rate” Dan Eisses, General Manager.

Looking ahead to 2017, the District will be adopting a 10-year Comprehensive Water and Wastewater Plan, as required by state law. These plans provide a summary of the capital improvement projects and the estimated costs.  

If you have any questions on 2017 rates please call the District office 360-371-7100.